Accounting Essentials

Know Your Numbers

Starting a new business can sometimes be a tough thing to do. It usually requires entrepreneurs to fully understand their business’ functions and to complete them properly. When it comes to starting a small business, accounting is a very important business function.

It often enables entrepreneurs to see what the picture of their business’ success really looks like. It is very important for entrepreneurs to always keep a big amount of records that contain important information regarding the small business startup, just in case they need them for legal and tax purposes.

Some Facts That Are Good to Know

A lot of small business that started as a side business or even a hobby use the same accounting method, and that accounting method is known as cash basis accounting. Basically, what this accounting method does is recognize and record a transaction when money changes hands. For entrepreneurs, this accounting method represents a very simple way of maintaining their accounting information.

As businesses continue to grow and expand, it may be necessary to stop using the cash basis accounting method and start using the accrual accounting method. This accounting method is the most frequently used accounting method in business. Instead of recognizing and recording transactions when money changes hands, this accounting method does it as transactions occur, and it does it no matter if money changes hands or not.

Forecast Financial Estimates

Entrepreneurs may be required to provide lenders, investors or banks with a financial forecast that is related to their business. This information is very important when it comes to obtaining outside finances for the costs of a business startup. More often than not, entrepreneurs create a business plan, which usually includes an economic forecast. Lenders and investors heavily rely on this information.

Determine Profitability

A company usually determines its profitability by accounting. And even though a small business might be able to generate a big amount of sales revenue, failing to generate enough profits can destroy the business and make it absolutely irrelevant. It is also important for entrepreneurs to understand whether they are using assets to generate services well or not.

It is always a good idea for small businesses to seek advice from either an individual public accountant or a regular public accountant. What professional accountants usually offer is a big amount of expertise and education. Entrepreneurs can benefit from both of these things when it comes to setting up their small business accounting operations.

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